Timber Pest & Termite Management


We all live in a wooden or timber environment in some form or another. Whether it is the building materials of our home, the garden, the materials for the hand rails in the park, or even the office, each and every timber product is susceptible to termite and timber pest attack.  It is essential that any termite or timber pest work needs to be completed to the relevant Australian Standard and as per the product label and guidelines.

The Australian Standards that are relevant to termite or timber pest work are:

AS3660.1  – 2000
Termite Management – New building work

AS3660.2  – 2000
Termite Management – In and around existing buildings and structures – Guidelines

AS3660.3  – 2000
Termite Management – Assessment criteria for termite management systems

AS4349.0 – 2007
Inspection of Buildings – General requirements

AS4349.3 – 2010
Inspection of Buildings – Timber Pest inspections

It is critical to have your new investment inspected Prior to Purchase or annually for your existing home, to identify any current or potential issues you may or may not be aware of hidden in your largest investment, your home.

Groundforce Services uses not only approved compliance processes under the Australian Standards, but goes that bit further to ensure your home is not only termite free but also reduced risk of Timber pest attack through advice and controls as wood pest Management is a Management plan in which requires both team member and home owner to do their part in the war against home attack.

Groundforce Services is an accredited installer of Homeguard Precision Termite Management systems for new home protection complying with all standards and local government requirements offering total peace of mind because it is backed by the FMC Million Dollar, 50 year Manufacturer’s warranty.

We can inspect your home for active termites using specialised tools and devices to help detect activity within wall cavities, subfloor areas and roof cavities. Supplying a detailed report and, if required, a cost effective solution to help rid your home of those unwanted pests.

Inspection bookings or installations can be made through the web site at a time suited to you and your building plans or by calling Rod directly.


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